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  Latest news


7 December 2022

     MATRIX v2 has been released

MATRIX is a Kontakt sound library based on the best sounds of the famous analogue synthesizer of Oberheim.


10 May 2022

     G2AVITY has arrived!

G2AVITY is a Kontakt library based on the sounds of the legendary Nord Modular G2X synth from Clavia.



5 November 2021

     We are 25 years old :)

We are 25 years old now: PinkNoise Studio was founded in November 1996.



3 November 2020

    VOYAGER 2 has been released

After many months of meticulous work, VOYAGER 2 is available now!

VOYAGER 2 is based on the sounds of the legendary minimoog voyager, but it's not a hardware emulation.

Our design goal was to develop a full-featured polyphonic synthesizer that uses the sounds of minimoog voyager as a starting point...

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5 November 2018

    ORANGE 2 has arrived

Version 2 of of ORANGE Kontakt edition is available now. Better, smarter and a lot of tweakable patches, based on the legendary Waldorf Microwave XTk synthesizer.

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26 June 2017

    VIROLOGY 2 is out!

Version 2 of Virology has been released. Better, smarter and a lot of new patches, based on the Access Virus C synthesizer

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11 May 2017

    EVOLVER 2 has been released



10 April 2017

    Deepflight v.2.01 update

2.01 update fixes the "high CPU usage" issue. This new version uses 40-70% less CPU than the initial release.



27 March 2017

    DEEPFLIGHT 2 is out!

Deepflight 2 Kontakt edition has been released!

We are really excited and proud, because version 2 turns our sound library into a full featured synthesizer. Check it out!


10 November 2016



PinkNoise Studio was founded in November 1996, which means we are 20 years old! :)

We would like to thank all of our customers, without their support we wouldn't have gotten this far. THANK YOU!





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