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VOYAGER 2 is a Kontakt library* based on the sounds of the legendary minimoog voyager.

VOYAGER 2 is not a hardware emulation. Our design goal was to develop a full-featured polyphonic synthesizer that uses the sounds of the original hardware as a starting point.

Although you can play the recorded minimoog sounds (as a traditional rompler), but more interestingly, you can tweak and manipulate them in many ways to create warm motion pads, animated textures, wild leads and fat basses - completely new sounds that were not possible with the original synth..

Most of the patches are velocity sensitive and they have been designed for live performers, so a good midi keyboard which supports velocity and aftertouch is highly recommended.

* Important: VOYAGER 2 requires the full retail version of Kontakt (v5.5.1 or more recent version), as it is not compatible with the free Kontakt Player -it will stop working after 15 minutes!



 360+ instrument patches in 7 categories

 ergonomic user interface using more than 100 custom made knobs, faders and switches to control the most important parameters of the synth

 programmable arpeggiator with 4 pattern slots

 editable effects: equalizer, 2 types of distortion, delay, 2 types of reverb, comp

 30 different types of filters in 3 real-time switchable filter slots

 2 independent LFOs with tempo sync option, allowing modulation for 4 destinations: pitch, filter, volume and pan

 modulation options for external sources: velocity, mod-wheel, aftertouch, random.

 customizable global MIDI implementation for 24 controllers

 host automation for 24 controllers

 template load/save option for sound design


You can read more:

VOYAGER 2 Kontakt edition users guide

VOYAGER 2 MIDI implementation chart



Demo video

Walking through some presets. Played live, there was no additional audio processing.

0:12 Arp & Sequence (9 presets)

3:05 Bass (9 presets)

4:55 Key & PolySynth (11 presets)

8:06 Lead (12 presets)

10:57 Pad & Atmosphere (16 presets)





If you purchased the previous version, you can upgrade at a special price. In this case please login to user's area and check the "Upgrade options" section.

If you purchased VOYAGER after 27 Mach 2017, VOYAGER 2 is free for you!



Minimoog Voyager



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VOYAGER 2  cover

EUR 29.00  


You will receive your license code via e-mail within 24 hours.

license agreement

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demo video