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When you buy a product from us, you receive a licence code via e-mail. Please keep this code safe - this is what you have paid for!

Your licence code grants your access to the protected download area on prosoundbank.com. This is the place where you can download the full product and updates - from anywhere and at anytime you wish.

Important: before purchasing, set all local and server-side spam filters to accept mail from



1) After you received your licence code via e-mail, please login to our users area by clicking here

If you haven't created a user account yet, do it now: registration

2) After login, you can see the menu on the right. Choose the "product registration" option.

3) Enter your licence code. Please note that your code has 2 parts, which are separated by "-". After that, click on the "register" button. If you have received a "succesful registration" message, you won!;-)

4) Now check the "Downloads" panel on the right, and choose the kontakt banks menu. As you can see, your registered product appeared in the list. From now on you can download the full version at anytime you wish, but please be careful: the same download will not be available more than a few times!

Note: we continuously improve our products, so don't forget to check out the updates from time to time.

5) After you downloaded the file, unzip (or unrar) the compressed content to where your sample libraries are located.

6) Have fun! :-)


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