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Our Kontakt banks will not work with the "free Kontakt player", they require the full version of Kontakt 5.51 (or more recent version).

We have three good reasons to stay away from the free Kontakt player.

1) We believe in fair use of software. Libraries that can be played with the free Kontakt player require a convoluted authorization process via Native Instruments. We don't want to use any copy protection that frustrates our users and at the same time is instantly crackable. We try to make service and support easy for people who, by doing the right thing, legitimately purchased our libraries.

2) You probably don't know, but when you buy a “Kontakt_player-ready” sound library, you pay a hidden licence fee to NI as well, which is built into the price of the library. Yes, you pay this fee in each purchase of soundpacks. We try to keep our prices as low as possible, so that’s why we will not release any libraries in “free Kontakt player” format.

3) We are a small but independent company and we want to maintain this status in the future as well. Making libraries for the free Kontakt player would require a kind of strong dependence on NI, which is something that we definitely want to avoid.


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