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Evolver 2



ergonomic user interface

new re-scaled faders (see pdf below for the details) for a natural feeling

more than 100 custom made knobs, faders and switches to control the most important parameters of the synth

customizable global MIDI implementation for 24 controllers

host automation for 24 controllers

30 different types of filters in 3 real-time switchable filter slots

fully editable effects: equalizer, 2 types of distortion, delay, 2 types of reverb, comp

2 independent LFOs (waveforms: sine, triangle, square, saw, random) with tempo sync option, allowing modulation for 4 destinations: pitch, filter, volume and pan

extensive modulation options for external sources: velocity, mod-wheel, channel aftertouch, random.

template load/save option for sound design


The Kontakt instruments of Evolver 2 (.nki files) are distributed in 8 categories:

EV2 [All layers]
EV2 Arp & Seq
EV2 Bass
EV2 Experimental & FX
DF2 Key & Polysynth
DF2 Lead
DF2 Monosynth
DF2 Pad& Atmosphere

370 patches in total, based on 1.55 GB 24 bit multisamples

The [All Layers] is a special folder for sound designers. It contains all of the instrument layers separately. The patches are “clean”, without any filter effect and with default envelope settings. They can be useful if you want to create new sounds from scratch.

Please note that these categories are not carved in stone, they're just our approach. For example you can use a bass sound as lead, or a polysynth key as monosynth lead or even a pad when you tweak it a bit... it's really up to you!


Evolver 2 users guide

Evolver 2 MIDI implementation chart


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