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Please note that EPIK4 is not the software emulation of the KAWAI K4 synthesizer, it is a sample library.
The synth we have used was only a raw material: the recorded samples were just the starting points. We have exploited the specific features of Kontakt and created a vivid, live sounding library.

Most of the patches are velocity sensitive and they have been designed to live performers, so a good midi keyboard (with modwheel, control knobs and aftertouch) is higly recommended.



Andras Haasz: main concept, recording & editing, graphical design

oldbrian: KSP programming consultant

Samuel Haasz: consulting editor

All samples were recorded and processed, all patches were created by PinkNoise Studio


installation instructions

After downloading the EPIK4 package, you will need a rar unarchiver, like UnRarX (Mac) or Winrar to unpack the content.

Inside the package, there will be one main folder: EPIK4 Kontakt Edition - it contains all files of EPIK4. You can move this folder to your Kontakt sampler library, but please don't change the folder's internal structure!

Now you can launch Kontakt, and use its internal browser to locate the presets of EPIK4 (nki files). Using drag and drop from your finder/explorer may work as well.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us!


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